Invictus. Latin for Unconquerable, Undefeated.

We chose our name with intent because there is power in visual arts, particularly in content creation. Power to bring the imagination to life. Power to tell stories. And we bring that power to you. We can bring to life not only who you are, but who you want to be, just like we’ve done for Fortune 500 companies.

Meet the team

 We chose our team not because they’re warm bodies with technical ability. We chose them because they’re unicorns, that perfect connection between imagination and skill. Our entire team works collaboratively from storyboarding to the final cuts to give our clients visual products that propel them forward today into the tomorrow they’re dreaming about. 


JenniferKathryn King

Founder & Creative Director

Upon graduation from Stanford University, JenniferKathryn took a position with Nike Headquarters. First starting with Nike, JenniferKathryn was the Senior Director for Team Sports that outfitted collegiate football programs for the SEC, ACC and PAC 10. Next up for her was to help tell the stories of Nike athletes, which was to take on a different adventure working with Wieden+Kennedy in Brand Creative. JenniferKathryn concluded her career working for Nike as the Global Senior Creative Director for Brand Creative.

JenniferKathryn took a position with Men's Health Fitness as the Assistant Director for Creative Services. She managed the digital side of the marketing business including such channels as social media, web and app development, and videos. 

JenniferKathryn founded Invictus Media in 2018 by taking what she had learned from her time at Nike and Men's Health to provide high quality digital marketing assets to businesses of all sizes.


Hunter England

Director of Training

Hunter graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. He has refined his skills in cinematography through self-directed learning and has been part of Invictus Media since May of 2020. Invictus Media has facilitated Hunter's growth by immersing him in a diverse range of projects in the sports, commercial, agency, documentary and corporate sectors. 

Hunter is involved in training and developing new employees at Invictus Media, where he shares his expertise and experience to mentor them in various aspects of filmmaking; such as cinematography, lighting, animation, motion design.

Hunter is adept at operating RED Digital Cinema and ARRI cinema cameras, showcasing his skills in cinematography. Additionally, his creative abilities shine in producing exceptional animation and motion design, drawing inspiration from his background in Graphic Design. Hunter excels in creating dynamic work and consistently seeks innovative approaches in his professional and personal endeavors.


Rachel Hardy

Art Director

Upon graduation from Buena Vista University with a Bachelor’s degree that combined Digital Media and Music Production, Rachel started her career at Invictus Media in 2022. During that time, Rachel has worked on a myriad of projects; whether it has been commercial agency work, long-format storytelling pieces, documentaries, and countless other projects. 

While working for Invictus, she has been cross-trained in shooting, editing, live streaming, podcasting, photography, sound design, motion design, and animation. She has also worked with LuminX and RED Digital Cinema cameras as well as a variety of platforms in the Adobe Creative suite with focuses in Premiere Pro and After Effects. She hopes to continue to advance her skills and create amazing content every day.


Calvin Bader


After receiving his Bachelor's in Digital Media Production in 2022, Calvin moved to Des Moines to pursue a career in Cinematography. He has been working as a cinematographer for Invictus Media since June 2022. In this time he has grown in his ability as a cinematography and editor. He has also been able to work on many projects involving RED Digital Cinema cameras which has grown his knowledge of lighting and shooting.

Recently, Calvin has been pursuing 3D modeling and animation. His work and dedication adds value and aids in creative growth with his team. Calvin strives to make each project look and sound its best. Calvin also has a weakness for Oreos of any kind!


Mikinna Kerns


Mikinna has been with Invictus since April of 2023. In that time she has contributed to a wide variety of projects including, but not limited to, brand and content development, event coverage and behind the scenes footage.

Prior to her time at Invictus Mikinna got her Bachelor's degree in Integrated Studio Arts at Iowa State University and worked for major league sports teams such as the Dallas Mavericks, Iowa Cubs, Chicago Blackhawks and the Houston Texans.

Over the years Mikinna has developed her skills in many sub categories of photography but especially excels at sports photography, event coverage and portraits.


Keller Birkenholtz

Cinematography Intern

With a degree in Digital Media Production from the University of Northern Iowa, Keller is originally from Altoona, Iowa. During his time at UNI, he had an amazing opportunity to film four short documentaries at Wind Cave National Park as well as UNI sports. It wasn’t until he hopped aboard the Invictus Media train, that he really learned how to truly master the art of cinematography and editing. On top of his cinematography skills, Keller is a walking film and David Bowie encyclopedia, and could go on for hours about them. He is very excited to see what the future awaits for him and his work at Invictus Media.



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